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Fueling women creatives with the confidence to [elevate + transform] their social media presence.

A digital agency that helps women creatives show up confidently on social.


We take a non-cookie cutter approach to building robust marketing social strategies and developing dope visuals for your brand.

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That passion project, brand, and idea is not going to build itself. Whether you are a 9-5-9-er, corporate professional, or a master of all, you have a passion for more. You are just on the brink of crossing over to the realm of more, but fear of the unknown has held you hostage. Let us push you over to the next level!


  • You have been sitting on that idea for months, maybe even years, because you don’t know where to start. Maybe you have started but you’ve lost momentum again.

  • You are bombarded with so many ideas that you don’t know what to do next.

  • You’ve spent endless hours scrolling on social media only to leave feeling further behind and unaccomplished.

  • You see everyone else doing what you want to do and now you think it’s going to be impossible for you. Lies!

You Are Here:

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Here's how we can help:

We partner with you to provide the accountability you need to ditch the excuses and confusion and create quality content that will get your audience’s attention.


We help you identify your brand’s voice, messaging, and vision through strategic planning and development. We take the second-guessing out of building your brand so you can show up confidently on social.


We level up your brand with captivating content that sets you apart, gets your audience’s attention, and makes you a recognizable brand on social. We’re talking logos, customized social media templates + graphics, brand color palettes, and style kits.

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our services

Branding is what makes you stand out on social; strategy is what brings clarity to you and your brand, and coaching is what gives you the fuel to show up confidently.


This investment will be the catalyst to help you build a clear, strong, and appealing brand on social.

Essential Package

Social Style Makeover




4 90-Min Sessions

Social Style Guide

Color Palette + Aesthetics

Customized Social Media Templates


30 Day Content Calendar

Signature Package

Strategic Style Overhaul + Coaching




9 90-Min Sessions

Social Style Guide

Color Palette + Aesthetics

Customized Social Media Templates


30 Day Content Calendar

3 - 4 Weeks of Training + Coaching

digital course

A 6-Week Live Group Coaching Course where you will learn how to start creating dope social content without all the over-thinking.


Learn how to ditch the excuses and confusion and create quality content that will get your audience’s attention and make you recognizable in your lane.


Live Group Coaching Courses will be held on Tuesday Evenings via Zoom.

You’ll Learn How to:

Find Your Digital Voice

Enhance Your Instagram Feed

Develop Authentic Digital Stories Create Killer Content from a Concept Create with Confidence

Develop Personal Branding

Create a Cohesive Feed

Develop Infographics Analyze Instagram Data for Growth

Understand the Algorithm

Repurpose Content

Develop Reel Concepts

Plan and Automate Content

What's Included:

Free Instagram Brand Kit

9 Hours of Group Coaching

Access to Expert Course Material Weekly Accountability

Live Brainstorming Sessions

Access to Private Community


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Chelsea Williams


CEO/Founder of Edify Studios



Every brand has a story to tell! Discover what yours is, this is your uniqueness factor. Being able to share this story with your audience brings your brand to life. In the Discovery Phase of our process, we do just that. Let us help you breathe life into your brand


Collaboration is at the heart of the work we do here at PushHer Academy. In the Experiment Phase of our process, we work hand-and-hand to equip you with the tools to thrive on the ‘gram. We develop a customized Instagram training that fuels your creative confidence.


Data holds the keys to unlocking the barriers to growth + visibility on social. In the Inspection Phase of our process, we conduct a thorough audit where we will inspect your current IG page and provide detailed data to review with you.

Test Drive

The fear of stepping into the unknown is what hinders many creatives from showing up authentically on social media. We understand your fears and are here to help you push pass them. In the Test Drive Phase of our process, we plan + create + execute your content strategy.

Research + Development

We have developed a methodology for research that fuels our creative process when determining your brand’s look and feel on social. In the R + D Phase, we build your social aesthetics by providing you with a customized color palette + social media templates & graphics.

Build + Monetize

It’s time to monetize. In the build + monetize phase of our coaching program, we help you develop ideas to turn your audience into clients and customers.

Start by booking your call + completing a short pre-call form. This call will help us both determine if the coaching program is right for you!

what's next?

You're In

You will receive an email invitation to the coaching program. This is your first step in investing in yourself + brand. You are ready to  put in the work to win!

Let's Get to Work

It’s time to plan + create + execute robust strategies for your brand on the ‘gram. Let’s get to work!



Sable J. Lynch


Real Estate Agent

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our clients

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She is an expert in her industry and is ready to take the skills and resources she’s gained over the years and invest in her own brand. Bye-bye Corporate America, it’s time for the world to see what she has to offer. In order to create impactful + engaging content on social media, she knows that she needs help. 

Corporate Escapee

Ready to escape your 9-5 and set your brand up for success? 

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Full-time entrepreneurship is not for her right now and she’s okay with that. While she’s climbing the corporate ladder, she has this burning desire to launch these passion ideas she’s been sitting on. She understands that social media is her portfolio to the world but she has no idea how to use it to her benefit.


Ready to launch those passion projects? 

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She is the all around creative who has so many ideas that she doesn’t know where to start. She doesn’t know whether to launch the podcast, record that IGTV series or both so she hasn’t moved intentionally. Only her friends and family members know what she’s good at. They’ve been encouraging her to “put herself out there”and she’s finally ready to! 

Master of All

Ready to make your mark on social?

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Hi, I’m Sade, your future PushHer and Social Brand Stylist. I am a no-nonsense New Yorker that tells it how it is and holds everyone around me to their highest standard.


I’ve always had a desire to help people which is why I chose a career in Social Work, that was short-lived.

After near burnout, I switched careers to pursue fashion and held many positions from product developer to trend forecaster. Working for multi-million-dollar brands gave me insight into how to run and operate a successful brand with clarity and vision. I was in the boardrooms taking mental notes and applying my knowledge to bring profitability to other people’s visions. Now, I do the same for my clients.

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